Upcoming concerts autumn 2022

October 6th world premiere of People. Beasts dedicated to Cantus Ensemble. More about the concert; Second performance October 14th at Academy of Music, University of Zagreb

October 14th world premiere of Nostos dedicated to percussion trio Line upon Line at Novalis Festival. More about the concert

Upcoming concerts autumn 2022

November 2022 world premiere of Bugs dedicated to Croatian contemporary music ensemble at Hong Kong Contemporary music festival. Precise date and more info soon

November 2022 my first SoundArt Exhibition. Precise date and more info soon. See more about the project

Upcoming concerts 2023: highlights

March 5th world premiere of new composition for Symphonic orchestra. More info soon

April 2023 world premiere of composition dedicated to Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart at Music Biennale Zagreb. More info soon

May 2023 world premiere of composition dedicated to Turning Point Ensemble. More info soon

Recent news:

In April 2021 as part of Music Biennale Zagreb, my composition Solo received a world premiere. The full program of the concert. About my new piece you can find out here. LINK FOR LIVE CONCERT

String quartet Silence has been selected for the 2021 ISCM World New Music Days in Shanghai and Nanjing. Works Chosen for the 2021 ISCM WNMD. More about my string quartet.

New piece Mirrors for Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Violin and Violoncello was performed during Music Biennale Zagreb Masterclass reading session.

Guest on the radio – Paths of Croatian Music, Editor: Iva Lovrec Štefanović, link for the full interview (in Croatian): Putovi hrvatske glazbe: Pogledi na 31. MBZ – skladateljica Helena Skljarov i pijanist Ivan Batoš