Green Light

for solo Violin (2020)

The piece was written in 2020 for the festival Mixtur (Barcelona). It’s a piece for the solo violin, chair, and voice of the player. It represents reactions to crowded traffic: the player is in the state of an inpatient person who is sitting in a car and waiting for the ‘green light’. The score is written in a 3 system stuff: the 1st one is for violin, the 2nd for voice (saying some words, mumbling, whispering, etc.), and the 3rd for the foot – hitting the floor or (as described earlier) a chair.

Bad Ink

for solo Piano (2019)

This piece was written in 2020 for Darko Lukić Panel in Zagreb on the request of the pianist Viktor Ćižić. The idea is to make smooth transitions from a written part to an improvised part by adding ink drops, stains, and fading pages like there is a printing problem.

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Isolation 2

for Soprano and Flute (2020-)

Second of five chamber pieces with various combinations of instruments written during isolation period due to COVID19. The idea of this piece, like in other ‘isolation’ pieces, is that performers do particular staging in precise time which they can easily record in their private area (e.g. room). The final result is merging different videos which make it seem like players are interacting.


for bassoon solo (2021) COMING SOON !

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