NEW PROJECT: a series of videos featuring live painting and performance. The emphasis is on researching the relationship between visual art and music through electronic music software (Max). The algorithms are sensitive to visual cues (colour and movement) and react to the video itself – resulting in a specific soundscape.

The other idea is to explore the meaning of the ‘final product’ in Art in general, as well as its process of creation. With this project, the final product (e.g. painting) is less important than the process of its creation. Behind every piece of Art, the process of creation is more important than its final representation. With Sound Art, I wish to point out this idea.

Used sounds (Secondary colors are a sound combination of appropriate primary colors):

Blue – Bassoon long low pitch notes + Kalimba + humming (low pitch)
Yellow – Playing on glass + fast and high register piano
Red – Singing without words with full voice, aggressive
White – White noise
Black – Guitar chords

Photos of paintings

Photo during recording Sound painting performance 1Portrait

Full videos and more paintings coming soon

The beginning of this project was during writing my composition thesis, opera Nothing. Almost: Project of transforming pictures/videos/paintings into audio.

Short insert from opera Nothing. Almost where I started to work on a MaxMSP patch sensible to color changing with a motive of a tree.